Did You Know?

Facts on Student Success:

  • Students who worked with a faculty member on a research project benefited more in terms of desired learning outcomes when the faculty member clearly explained expectations and provided feedback during and after the project. (NSSE, 2007)
  • Nationwide, the academic preparation of high school students for college-level work has improved over the past decade (NCPPHE 2006).
  • All of the accrediting agencies now put assessment of student learning at the center of the quality review (Ewell 2006).
  • The United States remains a world leader in the proportion of all adults with college credentials, and the country is also at the top of international performance in the proportion of young adults enrolled in college (OECD 2006).
  • College completion rates have increased slightly over the past decade—primarily because of the growing number of students completing certificates, but also because of modest increases in baccalaureate and associate's degree completions (NCPPHE 2006).
  • There is a positive correlation between the number of HIP's the student participated in and the number of academic years it took to complete their degree.
  • 87% of First-Year and 91% of seniors rated their entire educational experience at this institution (CSUSB) as "excellent" or "good." (IR, 2014)
  • High Impact Practices have positive associations with student learning and retention. (IR, 2014)