Roadmap to STEM Degree

CSUSB: Learning Cohort

A three-course sequence for incoming transfer scholars, and other transfer students:

  1. Scholars will be encouraged to enroll during their first quarter in a newly developed 2-unit course “Introduction to CSUSB and Research”. This course is intended to rapidly acclimate transfer students to the culture of a University, CSUSB in particular, and STEM as an active research discipline. Interactions with a rich variety of scientific and cultural institutions on campus, such as SACNAS will be included. The PI or one of the Mentors will organize and be the primary instructor for this course that will also include, as available, a diverse group of scientists as guest instructors, as well as a variety of evidence-based learning strategies;
  2. All first year transfer Scholars will be invited to enroll in 1-2 common sections of the Upper Division Writing course (NSCI 306) during their second quarter at CSUSB. This will continue to support the cohort in a class required for all STEM majors, intended to develop both practical and scientific writing skills;
  3. All first year transfer Scholars will be encouraged to enroll in a common section(s) of the required Natural Science Capstone class during their third quarter to solidify the common experience.

More information about degree roadmaps to each program.