Peer Lab

The mission of the Peer Lab program (PL) is to increase student retention and success in upper division courses by providing collaborative peer learning experiences that improve understanding of subject content, foster critical thinking, and strengthen study skills. The PL program is modeled after the Supplemental Instruction (SI) model; it assists students by providing regularly scheduled, out of class supplemental instruction sessions. PL targets high-risk upper division courses rather than high-risk students.

The OSR hopes that the PL facilitator’s assistance will contribute to the students’ success in the class, through the combination of reviewing lecture notes, textbook readings, supplemental readings, and other effective learning strategies. The strategies learned during the PL programs can be applied to other disciplines.


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Peer Lab Faculty Handbook


  • Spring Deadline for fall 2017: June 26th, 2017 (Closed)
  • Fall Deadline for winter 2018: November 3rd, 2017 (Closed)
  • Winter Deadline for Spring 2018: February 9th, 2018 by 5pm






"My students enjoyed the additional support provided by OSR tutoring, especially as the course content was dense and complex. The tutoring sessions afforded students additional opportunity to talk through assigned readings, and to collaborate on understanding specialized terminology. Those who attended the tutoring sessions performed better on tests, were better able to contribute to class discussions, and were prepared to offer interesting and important questions and responses. Additionally, the OSR tutors have an opportunity to gain leadership skills useful throughout their career. This has been a rewarding experience for my students and the peer-tutor! "
– Dr. Holly Henry, Professor of English, Department of English

Below is a list of classes participating in the Peer Lab program for spring term; register for these courses to receive additional assistance outside of the classroom. Lab session times will be available within the next week.

Winter 2018 Courses


Arts & Letters

Course Instructor Peer Leader
Span. 387 Dr. Stacey Fraser Nicole Perez
Span. 410 Dr. Maria Garcia-Puente Lisbeth Rosales
Span. 415 Dr. Carmen Jany Beatriz Andrade Mendez

Natural Sciences

Course Instructor Peer Leader
Biol. 300 Dr. Daniel Nickerson Mindy Lomere
Biol. 324 Dr. Tomasz Owerkowicz Karina Vega
Biol. 530 Dr. Jeffrey Thompson Kevin Yang
Bio. 300 Dr. Jeffrey Thompson Michael Warn
Chem. 221a Dr. Jeremy Mallari Sara Kelly
Kine. 481 Dr. Jason Ng Angel Ramirez-Lomeli
Phys. 221 Dr. Sara Callori Khanh Luu
Phys. 221 Dr. Tim Usher Eliovardo Gonzalez
Phys. 222 Heather Abushanab Oscar Mercado
Phys. 313 Dr. Laura Woodney Zachary Parsons

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Course Instructor Peer Leader
Anth. 301 Dr. Kathleen Nadeau Jennifer Laviguer
Psych. 311 Dr. Yuchin Chien Jasmine Clark
Psych. 324 Dr. Leslie Amodeo Sophie Peterson