Course Redesign

The Course Redesign program is a university-wide initiative to support course design/redesign centered on the successful High Impact Practices (HIPS)   that involve students in research and creative activities.

The program is committed to providing $4,600 per course and/or program that will be developed or redesigned to incorporate faculty/student research and creative activities (RCA). Funds may be used for course buyout for a faculty member to work on the project and wages for assistance with the project. Funds must be spent by spring 2019 and cannot roll over to the subsequent fiscal year.

The specific techniques are chosen by faculty to develop or redesign their courses, and the program will vary depending on the discipline, course size, and other factors. All undergraduate classes are eligible. Any full-time faculty member, tenured or tenure-track from any department is welcome to apply. Part-time, non-lecturer faculty may serve as collaborators on a grant. Each application must be supported by the applicant's chair/program director with a letter of support. Two or more faculty working collaboratively may submit a proposal for a single grant. The OSR Awards Committee, comprised of faculty members from each college, will review and rate all proposals.

Deadline: March 12th, 2018

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Faculty Handbook

Proposal Guidelines

Institutional Learning Outcomes

OSR Course Redesign 2016-2017 Award Recipients

Arts and Letters

Dr. Liliana Gallegos

Communication Studies

Comm. 343 Nonfiction Reporting and Writing

Business and Public Administration

Dr. Alexandru Roman

Public Administration

PA 490 Senior Assessment Seminar

Natural Sciences

Dr. Sara Callori


Phys. 221 General Physics 1

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Kathleen Nadeau


Anth. 365 Asian American Culture

Dr. Arianna Huhn


Anth. 378 Museum Curation

Dr. Kate Liszka


Hist. 455/Anth. 455 Egyptian Mining Expeditions, their Building, and their Slaves

Dr. Kelly Campbell


Ssci. 316 Race and Racism

Dr. Nerea Marteache-Solans

Criminal Justice

CJUS 590 Wildlife Crime


2015-16 Awardees

2014-15 Awardees