SSI Graduate Innovative Scholars Fund

Writing a winning grant application is a valuable skill in academics, research, and the public and private sectors. A mastery of the knowledge and skills to successfully obtain funding not only gives our CSUSB master’s students the ability to fund current and future research projects, it provides students an edge in the job market as well. The Office of Student Research (OSR) is pleased to announce the SSI Graduate Innovative Scholars Fund.

This program is designed to support graduate students completing an interdisciplinary project, which identifies an unsolved problem related to any discipline and proposes a solution. Funds from the Graduate Innovative Scholars Fund, if awarded, must be used to support this innovative research project.

Award Details

The grant is a one-time award set at a maximum $3,500. The funding will be provided in-full upon approval of the proposal. Funds will be transferred to the faculty mentor’s department class account. These funds are not designed to cover the costs associated with class projects, class assignments or any activities that are associated with a traditional “in the classroom” course.


To be eligible for funding, students must:

  • Be enrolled in a graduate program at CSUSB;

  • Attend a mandatory proposal development workshop (will be announced at a later date);

  • Be in good academic standing (e.g. cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher).

  • Submit a copy of the relevant university review board approval letter/memo at the time of the grant submission for projects involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, or recombinant DNA.

Students applying for the Graduate Innovative Scholars Fund are not eligible to apply for the ASI/IRP, Graduate Scholars Thesis Grant, Student Grant, or Faculty/students grant funds for the same project.

Students should not apply if they plan to graduate within 2 quarters of receiving the award.

Submission Rules and Deadlines

Applications for the SSI Graduate Innovative Scholars Fund will be competitively evaluated by the OSR Awards Committee. Proposals will be evaluated according to the criteria included in the application guidelines. The level of innovativeness and board impact will be a determining factor in being selected. The committee may require budget revisions and/or reductions and other revisions before a grant recommendation is made. The number of grants awarded depends on budgets and the funds available to the OSR each year.

Applications must be completed and uploaded to the website directly. A confirmation page will be displayed after the proposal is submitted.

If you have any questions about the eligibility requirements or submission process, please contact Danielle White at


Application Grant information Submit Application
Award Notification Spring  
Progress Report August 31st, 2017 Report template
Final Report March 2nd, 2018 Report template



Congratulations to the 2016-2017 SSI Innovative Scholars recipients


Arts and Letters


Mariah Conner, Timothy Haerens, Heather Roessler with Dr. Annie Buckley

Prison Arts Collective Interdisciplinary graduate support team for PAC spring/summer exhibition series.



College of Education

Mary McAllister with Dr. Nancy Acevedo-Gil

Creating a College-Going Partnership with Parents/Families


Rae Lynn Kit with Dr. Nancy Acevedo-Gil

Brother to Brother: College Preparation for Black Male Middle Students


Mina Blazy with Dr. Nancy Acevedo-Gil

Access and Equity for Minority Students


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Travis Armstrong with Dr. Amy Gusick

Where the Food Grows on the Water: Archaeological, Historical and Legal Research to Protect a Tribal Traditional Cultural Property


Janae Koger with Dr. Donna Garcia

Understanding STEM diversity at CSUSB