Faculty/Student Grants

The Faculty/Student Grants are designed to facilitate the initiation and development of collaborative research or creative activity (RCA) between students and faculty. Projects under this program are intended to provide students with in-depth “hands-on” experience in the research or creative activity process.

The maximum amount of $1,500 may be awarded to each faculty/student team. The number of grants awarded depends on budgets and the funds available to the OSR each year.

Applications for the Faculty/Student Grants will be competitively evaluated by the OSR Awards Committee. The quality of the student research or creative activity (RCA) experience will be a determining factor in the selection process. Applicants are thus asked to specify the role of the student(s) and faculty mentor(s) in the project, and the nature of the work to be done. To be eligible, students have to be full-time and in good academic standing at CSUSB.

Grantees are asked to submit a progress report and final report explaining how the award was used. Grantees are also required to present a poster and oral presentation during the annual “Meeting of the Minds” Student Research Symposium. Applications are submitted online.



Deadline: Application is now closed. Please check back in Fall 2018.


Download Faculty/Student Grant Guidelines (PDF)

Download Budget Sheet (PDF)

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Faculty/Student Grant Awardees!

Dr. Alison Petty Ragguette            

Juan Naveres      


Exploring Virtual Reality and Ceramics

Dr. Anthony Silard             

Maira Durazo                                                                              

Public Administration      

Young Leaders Program

Dr. Corrine Johnson         

Gabriel   Lopez                                                                             


Modeling DNA Self-Assembly Through Graph Theory


Dr. Deirdre Lanesskog     

Koressa   Castillo                                                                           

Social Work         

Client-Worker Linguistic Matching at a California Child Welfare Agency


Dr. Donna Garcia               

Adam Beam                                                                                 


Hey Mr. Cab Driver: Worldview Perspective effects on perceptions of racial discrimination

Dr. Eun-Ok Baek                

Qi Guo                                                                           

Educational Leadership & Technology      

Teachers, instructional designers and students perception of mobile learning: challenges of mobile learning and recommendation of design principles

Dr. Jeremy Mallari             

Jeff Chance, Whitney Serrano, Brian Vidal              

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Continued development and optimization of small molecule inhibitors against Falcilysin, an essential malarial protease

Dr. Joseph Wellman         

Christopher Mendez                                                             


Racism from within: Gay ethnic minority men's experiences of racial bias from the LGBT community

Dr. Kelly Campbell

Kaela Bonafede                                                                         


Does Optimism Affect Relationship Commitment? A Mediation Test of the Investment Model Scale

Dr. Mark Agars   

Heather Carrasco                                                                                      


Early Childhood Educators Barriers to Job Satisfaction

Dr. Matthew Brady           

Kaitlynn Albers,   Rigo Orozco                                             


Westminster Choral Festival

Dr. Mike Chao     

Timothy Baum                                                                            


Anatomical Locations of the dop-1 Expression Sites in C. elegans

Dr. Monideepa Becerra  

Robert    Avina                                                                              

Health Science and Human Ecology           

Burden of hospital acquired infections among HIV patients

Dr. Paul Orwin    

Kelly Schilling                                                                              


Metagenomic Analysis to Identify Candidate Antimicrobial Products in the Oral Microbiome of the American Alligator

Dr. Paul Orwin

Michelene Haught                                                


Population structure determination in the Oral Microbiome of the American Alligator

Dr. Priyanka Yalamanchili               

Jeniree   Martinez                                                   

Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling                

Curriculum Development for Transition Age Youth Program at University Center for Developmental Disabilities

Dr. Qingquan Sun              

Eli Gonzalez                                                                                 

School of Computer Science and Engineering        

Tele-Health Data Science Glove

Dr. Richard Addante        

Celene    Gonzalez                                


Electrophysiology of non-conscious memory contributions to free recall

Dr. Sang Ouk Wee             

Roland    Morales, Derek   Ramirez


Racial Difference in Arterial Stiffness and Vascular Function following high intensity exercise in Young Healthy Adults: Multi-ethnic Study

Dr. Susie Pryor    

Lisa Tucker                                                                                   


The Artist Entrepreneur: an exploration of the personal characteristics and motivations of innovators in the arts

Dr. Tomasz Owerkowicz  

Marlee   Poff                                                                                


Importance of nasal conchae to respiratory heat exchange in the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus)

Dr.  Tomasz Owerkowicz                

Janelle    Doyle                                                                             


Do crocodilian muscles suffer from disuse atrophy?


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