Additional Funding

Emergency Loans

For an emergency loan, contact Student Accounts Office in University Hall - 034 or visit the Student Accounts Office website to complete the Student Emergency Loan application. Loans may range from $50 to $600 for any type of emergency other than tuition and fees.

Students can apply for a loan at the beginning of every quarter (check with Student Accounts for the deadline). The loan does not have any interest. It has an initiation fee of $20. The Loan must be paid back by or on the last day of instruction of the quarter the loan was applied for.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Borrower can have only one emergency loan per academic year (Fall – Summer)
  • Borrower must have least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Borrower cannot have past due balance on their account.
  • Borrower cannot have a collection charge within the past 2 years
  • Borrower must be enrolled for the current quarter.
  • Borrower cannot have any late charge for a previous emergency loan within last two years.

The Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program

The Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program was instituted in order to diversify the pool of qualified faculty candidates. CDIP is one of the largest programs in the nation. The program provides significant financial support to full time doctoral students enrolled in an accredited institution here or abroad. In some cases the loan principle and interest are "forgiven". Applications can be downloaded at the CSU website.

Pre-Doctoral Program

The Pre-Doctoral Program offers grants for economically and/or educationally disadvantaged juniors, seniors, and master's students intending to pursuer a Ph.D. The program includes funds to support travel to conferences and doctoral institutions and may include additional funding for summer research projects. Applications for this CSU-wide competition can be downloaded at their website.